Grand Palace

Thailand (formerly known as Siam until May 1949)

We arrived in Bangkok after a six-hour flight from Doha (from the U.K., we would have already had a six… Continue reading »

Giant Oreo Shower Filter after one month!

Quality of Life

I’m pretty settled back into expat life now, albeit for just another 3 weeks! As is the norm, the maintenance… Continue reading »

Lovely Ladies!

Too Much Stuff/Brunch/50 Shades of Grey

I’ve been back in Doha about a week now. The weather is superb, as I expected it to be. Everything… Continue reading »

Comfy in the Conservatory

After 3 Months in Blighty (A Little Bit Heavy….)

So I’m on my way back to Qatar tomorrow for around a month or so. During that time, I am looking… Continue reading »

Pretty and Pink!

2015 – A New Year Ahead……

Christmas 2014 has been and gone and it’s been a wonderful family affair. Having lived abroad for more than two… Continue reading »

Westfield London

Family life….. the Curious Incident of the Cats in the Evening-Time!

I’ve been back now on U.K. soil for a little over two weeks and it feels lovely and Christmassy and… Continue reading »

I'm so Sad

Poor Dave!

Dave hasn’t coped too well so far with being in Blighty. If I think about it, his world has been… Continue reading »


Dave’s Post

D-Day came and went. My name is Dave and I’ve had quite an adventure already. My owner, Doha-Expat, who’s been… Continue reading »

Aspire Park and the Torch

Destination London, UK………

It’s almost D-Day – destination London, United Kingdom/England/Britain/Blighty (delete as appropriate). It’s been raining in Doha, mostly overnight but I… Continue reading »

Rather Fetching??!

Au Revoir Mes Amies……

I’ve got just over a week before I take my flight and leave for ‘sunny’ U.K.! I’ve done the paperwork… Continue reading »

Ta tah Doha!

Pros and Cons

Since I made my decision to go, I’ve had quite a few people say I should stay! As with anything,… Continue reading »

A very small selection

Going Home, but returning…..

After more than two years in Qatar, I’ve decided to return to the U.K. It’s a little earlier than planned… Continue reading »

Harrowing News Article from Doha News……… Regarding my most recent post prior to this, this chilling news piece is exactly the kind of thing that happens… Continue reading »


Rant about Driving in Doha…….

I’ve been feeling for a while that the standard of driving here is deteriorating. Several people I have spoken to… Continue reading »

So Eighties!

Guest Blog Post from the Dark Ages…. well 1982 to be exact!

A friend and his wife have very kindly agreed to write about their experiences as British Expats and luckily for me,… Continue reading »

ROK Guard

Korea, a country divided…..

We arrived in Seoul, South Korea after a short flight enjoying the benefits of our ‘flee upglade’ and then took… Continue reading »

Wet Wet Wet

Weather / Motor Racing / Language

We flew to Osaka, Japan which took approx 10 hours, direct from Doha. We noticed that quite a few Japanese… Continue reading »