Posh dinner at the MIA?


I decided to come back to the UK for a change of scenery and to catch up with friends and… Continue reading »

Dare I buy this bag?

Miscellany……… again

I decided to contact Qatar Maids last week as I needed a bit of help with the cleaning. I’ve never… Continue reading »

The Name's Bond, RICHARD Bond!

Right Place, Right Time and on his Birthday too!

It’s the Husband’s birthday today – he’s caught up with me, so no more teasing, at least for another 11… Continue reading »

Football at 50? Try knitting instead!

Life just happens, wherever you are in the World!

Back to earth with a bump; that’s been the case at the end of this week! After all the fun… Continue reading »

Ellen and Bradley!

100th Party/Doha Visitors

Another week over with, but an exciting and energetic one at that!                … Continue reading »

Simply Paradise

Maldives/Al Fresco Bathing/Getting old(er)

We are now back after a fabulous week in the Maldives. Wow, what a place, one of 1,200 tiny islands… Continue reading »

Happy Valentines

Charity (Cats), Brunch (Valentine’s Day), Tennis, Maids

The Cat Charity is going well; we had an event recently which saw several cats get adopted (hooray), money was… Continue reading »

RIP Purple x

Lonely, Tennis, Comedy, Holiday!

It’s been a difficult week for me as the Husband is away in the USA on business and I’m all… Continue reading »

One of the boys from Al Mirqab


Qatar is continuing to expand at a rapid pace. One aspect that I have mentioned before is the train/metro network… Continue reading »

Hurry Up Woman.....

Sport and Comedy – 2014

It’s almost February, how did that happen? It’s so true that time passes more quickly when you get older. Here… Continue reading »

Need a Drink Now!

January Blues/#1 Tennis Player/Golf/Plans Ahead

The first week of January has passed and it’s been a week of mixed emotions. I think I’ve been suffering… Continue reading »

Thank you Everyone!

Kenya – no words needed!

View from the Caff

Christmas is Over/What did they think of Doha?

We took our visitors to the airport last night, ready for a night flight back to London. Hope they got… Continue reading »

Laptop for the Kids!!!!!

KENYA – Santa’s gone Techno…..

”N E W S F L A S H” MIRITINI GLORY ACADEMY – MOBASSA, KENYA We managed to keep our… Continue reading »

Leeds Shopping Centre

Christmas in the U.K………..

I’ve just downloaded some of the photographs I took during my recent trip to the U.K. and wanted to add… Continue reading »

The Half-Century Guy!

Christmas 2013/50 Years…………/Cats

Christmas is almost upon us and there is evidence of it coming to Doha with decorations, trees, lights and Christmassy… Continue reading »