Last Post as Doha Expat!

We got through the final week consisting of things to do, people to see, places to go. The movers came… Continue reading »

Penultimate Post…….

Back in Doha, there’s been a raft of things to do. I realised I have de-acclimatised to the heat (if… Continue reading »

Back in Doha…… for one last time!

I’ve finally arrived back in the sultry sandpit that is Doha. The house was covered in thick dust after just… Continue reading »

Kenya, revisited! And, Goodbye……

The Husband is making good progress in packing up and heading towards a U.K. relocation from Qatar. In the three… Continue reading »

Packing up and Moving on……..Grand Cayman

All being well after my upcoming surgery in two days’ time, I’ll be flying back to Doha for one last… Continue reading »

Doha Divas, London 2015!

My Doha friends (a.k.a. Doha Divas) have visited London this bank-holiday weekend and we’ve had a brilliant time. The bulk… Continue reading »

Coming to an End and Dealing with Uncertainty

Our time in Qatar is finally coming to an end. The Husband is starting the transition process, returning home to… Continue reading »

Cats and Stress and British Weather………

I’ve been back in the U.K. for a little under three weeks now. Unfortunately, I have succumbed to the dreaded… Continue reading »

Thailand (formerly known as Siam until May 1949)

We arrived in Bangkok after a six-hour flight from Doha (from the U.K., we would have already had a six… Continue reading »

Quality of Life

I’m pretty settled back into expat life now, albeit for just another 3 weeks! As is the norm, the maintenance… Continue reading »

Too Much Stuff/Brunch/50 Shades of Grey

I’ve been back in Doha about a week now. The weather is superb, as I expected it to be. Everything… Continue reading »

After 3 Months in Blighty (A Little Bit Heavy….)

So I’m on my way back to Qatar tomorrow for around a month or so. During that time, I am looking… Continue reading »

2015 – A New Year Ahead……

Christmas 2014 has been and gone and it’s been a wonderful family affair. Having lived abroad for more than two… Continue reading »

Family life….. the Curious Incident of the Cats in the Evening-Time!

I’ve been back now on U.K. soil for a little over two weeks and it feels lovely and Christmassy and… Continue reading »

Poor Dave!

Dave hasn’t coped too well so far with being in Blighty. If I think about it, his world has been… Continue reading »

Dave’s Post

D-Day came and went. My name is Dave and I’ve had quite an adventure already. My owner, Doha-Expat, who’s been… Continue reading »

Destination London, UK………

It’s almost D-Day – destination London, United Kingdom/England/Britain/Blighty (delete as appropriate). It’s been raining in Doha, mostly overnight but I… Continue reading »