Extreme Wealth at the Pearl


I subscribe to a couple of Doha-based bloggers whose perspectives I like to compare my thoughts to. On many occasions,… Continue reading »

Which one is Dave?

Hot Flushes in Doha!

Doha is not a place to be menopausal. When it’s 50 degrees outside or at least 46-47 degrees currently, it’s… Continue reading »

Where the 'ecks the booze?

Family and Celebrations……..

I decided to be spontaneous and booked a flight to the UK to spend an extended weekend with #1 Daughter… Continue reading »

Get a DAVE........

Robin Williams/Depression/Helping Yourself

I was struck by the recent death of Comedic Actor Robin Williams, a mere 63 years of age due to… Continue reading »

Not at the Oscars now!

Budapest, Hungary (Magyar) and F1 GP

The Husband and I went to Hungary (a former Communist Country) to enjoy the recent F1 Grand Prix; exciting, dramatic… Continue reading »

How you've Grown!

Eid al-Fitr is fast approaching…..

The first Eid of the year is almost upon us. The religious Eid is a single day during which Muslims… Continue reading »

Wash before prayer

Trying to cope…….

Ramadan is in full flow and we are approaching the end of week 3. Hoorah! My view is that it’s… Continue reading »

Tea at the Salad Boutique

Ramadan has begun………

Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic Calendar, is now upon us. I’ve not noticed too much difference with the… Continue reading »

No Leggings please!

Ramadan / Dress Code for Expats

Qatar is gearing up for Ramadan, the month-long holy festival where Muslims fast during daylight hours from sunrise to sunset…. Continue reading »


Mad Dogs and Englishmen………. go out in the Midday Sun!

It’s just unbearably hot right now. The Husband checked the outside temperature gauge on his car yesterday and it showed… Continue reading »

Planting at School

Charity, again!

I’m talking about Charity again. It’s so important, particularly in a place like Qatar where there is a gaping chasm… Continue reading »

Dig deep people and do something amazing!

Miritini Glory Academy / Miscellaneous

For those who have been following my blog, you might remember around October last year when the Husband and I took a trip… Continue reading »

I don't Believe it!

Hot / Dark Ages / Dave

When I was back in the UK, I had to deal with a mountain of post – something which is… Continue reading »


Catching up / Weather / SUCCESS……… :-)

Having been back in the U.K. for a few weeks now, I feel a little regenerated and have caught up… Continue reading »

Posh dinner at the MIA?

UK / Dining / Minutiae

I decided to come back to the UK for a change of scenery and to catch up with friends and… Continue reading »

Dare I buy this bag?

Miscellany……… again

I decided to contact Qatar Maids last week as I needed a bit of help with the cleaning. I’ve never… Continue reading »