Bye Bye Boxes, see you in Two Weeks!

Last Post as Doha Expat!

We got through the final week consisting of things to do, people to see, places to go. The movers came… Continue reading »

Brunch at the Hyatt

Penultimate Post…….

Back in Doha, there’s been a raft of things to do. I realised I have de-acclimatised to the heat (if… Continue reading »

Hot Hot Hot in real money!

Back in Doha…… for one last time!

I’ve finally arrived back in the sultry sandpit that is Doha. The house was covered in thick dust after just… Continue reading »

Laptop for the Kids!!!!!

Kenya, revisited! And, Goodbye……

The Husband is making good progress in packing up and heading towards a U.K. relocation from Qatar. In the three… Continue reading »

Getting Arty with Selfie Stick?

Packing up and Moving on……..Grand Cayman

All being well after my upcoming surgery in two days’ time, I’ll be flying back to Doha for one last… Continue reading »

Divas 2

Doha Divas, London 2015!

My Doha friends (a.k.a. Doha Divas) have visited London this bank-holiday weekend and we’ve had a brilliant time. The bulk… Continue reading »

Life is Unpredictable!

Coming to an End and Dealing with Uncertainty

Our time in Qatar is finally coming to an end. The Husband is starting the transition process, returning home to… Continue reading »

'Picasso' Canvas

Cats and Stress and British Weather………

I’ve been back in the U.K. for a little under three weeks now. Unfortunately, I have succumbed to the dreaded… Continue reading »

Grand Palace

Thailand (formerly known as Siam until May 1949)

We arrived in Bangkok after a six-hour flight from Doha (from the U.K., we would have already had a six… Continue reading »

Giant Oreo Shower Filter after one month!

Quality of Life

I’m pretty settled back into expat life now, albeit for just another 3 weeks! As is the norm, the maintenance… Continue reading »

Lovely Ladies!

Too Much Stuff/Brunch/50 Shades of Grey

I’ve been back in Doha about a week now. The weather is superb, as I expected it to be. Everything… Continue reading »

Comfy in the Conservatory

After 3 Months in Blighty (A Little Bit Heavy….)

So I’m on my way back to Qatar tomorrow for around a month or so. During that time, I am looking… Continue reading »

Pretty and Pink!

2015 – A New Year Ahead……

Christmas 2014 has been and gone and it’s been a wonderful family affair. Having lived abroad for more than two… Continue reading »

Westfield London

Family life….. the Curious Incident of the Cats in the Evening-Time!

I’ve been back now on U.K. soil for a little over two weeks and it feels lovely and Christmassy and… Continue reading »

I'm so Sad

Poor Dave!

Dave hasn’t coped too well so far with being in Blighty. If I think about it, his world has been… Continue reading »


Dave’s Post

D-Day came and went. My name is Dave and I’ve had quite an adventure already. My owner, Doha-Expat, who’s been… Continue reading »

Aspire Park and the Torch

Destination London, UK………

It’s almost D-Day – destination London, United Kingdom/England/Britain/Blighty (delete as appropriate). It’s been raining in Doha, mostly overnight but I… Continue reading »